User Fees and Regulatory Charges (User Fees Act)

User fee: Fees charged for the processing of access requests filed under the Access to Information Act

Fee type: Other products and services (O)

Fee-setting authority: Access to Information Act

Date last modified: 1992

Performance standards: Response provided within 30 days following receipt of request; response time may be extended pursuant to section 9 of the Access to Information Act.

Performance results: The Department was able to respond within 30 days or less in 36% of completed cases.* The remaining requests were completed within 31 to 60 days (6%), within 61 to 120 days (12%), within 121 to 180 days (12%), within 181 to 365 days (14%) and over 365 days (20%).

*A Notice of Extension is sent to the requester within 30 days of receipt of request.

Actual Revenue: $310

Other information Under the Access to Information Act, fees under $25.00 may be waived when deemed to be in the public interest. Fees waived during 2012–13 represented $0.