Burlington (R12T0038)

The following animation is related to the Burlington investigation (R12T0038)

Transcript of the video

VIA Rail train 92 derails in Burlington, Ontario

VIA 92 was on a scheduled afternoon run from Niagara Falls to Toronto.

[Begin simulation]

One locomotive pulling five coaches.

We begin with the train travelling east on track 2 approaching a regular stop at Aldershot station. The signal near Waterdown Road displays "clear to slow," or yellow over yellow, which means proceed at track speed approaching the next signal at no more than 15 mph.

Then the train begins to slow, and soon pulls into Aldershot station, where it stops for about 7 minutes.

Normally, VIA trains departing the station are routed straight through on track 2. However, on this day they were routed around a work crew which had a permit to perform work on the track ahead.

Departing the station, the next signals, at Aldershot East, display "slow to limited," or red over flashing yellow and green lights, which meant proceed at no more than 15 mph past the signal and through the crossover.

But the train accelerates, and the horn sounds as the crew sees the workers ahead.

The train should be travelling at 15 mph approaching the crossover. Instead, it approaches at 67. Due to this excessive speed, the locomotive derails, flips to its side, slides down the embankment and collides with the building.