Completed access to information requests, October 2014

Request number Summary of the request Disposition Number of pages released
A-2013-00037 Records relating to the loss of engine power and landing rollover of a bell 214B-1 helicopter bearing Canadian registration C-GTWV owned by Transwest helicopters Ltd. at or near Lillooet, BC on July 29, 2010, TSB file A10P0242 Disclosed in part 2691
A-2013-00070 Copy of the TSB file occurrence number A13W0070 (engineering report, notes, other documents and photographs). Disclosed in part 1463
A-2014-00004 Copy of all photos and documents related to TSB file A13W0093. Disclosed in part 105
A-2014-00021 Copy of the entire TSB investigation file for A12W0055, including photographs. Disclosed in part 23
A-2014-00044 Copies of all Purchase Order and Call-ups for ink and toner supplies for the period of January 1, 2014 to April 30, 2014 Disclosed in part 14
A-2014-00047 Copies of any accident site photos in the archived file for TSB report A01W0297. Disclosed in part 35

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