Completed access to information requests, July 2014

Request number Summary of the request Disposition Number of pages released
A-2013-00072 Documents related to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada's assessment of the January 11, 2014 coal train derailment in Burnaby BC (emails, reports and memos) including any rationale for not conducting a formal investigation. Disclosed in part 70
A-2014-00014 Information  pertaining to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada print fleet in the provinces of Ontario, Québec, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador.  The print fleet would consist of all multifunctional printers, copiers and network printers (local printers if also available), scanners installed within your organization. All disclosed 2
A-2014-00020 All documentation including e-mail, hand notes, transcripts and review documents from classification meeting(s) between Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada regarding the upgrade and /or review of GT-5 position SBHO-180 (located at 1901 Research Road, Gloucester, Ontario). All disclosed 19

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