Completed access to information requests, January 2013

Request number Summary of the request Disposition Number of pages released

Copy of the complete investigation file, including, but not limited to, a copy of all investigator's notes, resource material, statements, engineering reports, technical reports, photographs, working papers, publications, draft reports, final report and supporting documentation.

TSB File A10W0155: 24 September 2010 – Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Cirrus Design Corporation SR22, C-FGLA, Sundre, Alberta, 5 nm NW

Disclosed in part 4783
  1. Additional factual information offered to TSB Chairperson Mr. Camille H. Theriault by Boeing in a letter from the Chief Engineer, Air Safety Investigation, of Boeing, dated October 28, 2002.
  2. Audio visual copy of computer animation of flight to what was viewed by all attending on April 3, 1996 at the TSB's Engineering facility in Ottawa

TSB File A96A0035: 08 March 1996 –Tail Strike on Landing, Canadian Airlines International, Boeing 767-375, C-FOCA, Halifax, Nova Scotia

  1. All disclosed
  2. Does not exist



All documents related to a plane crash that occurred on March 11, 1999 on Lac Sincennes, 80 kilometers northwest of La Tuque, Quebec. Crashed airplane model is a Piper PA12.

TSB File A99Q0039

Disclosed in part 17

All documents gathered and prepared by or for Terry Toporowski, regarding occurrence number R12V0062, including but not limited to , communications with CPR or its personnel, investigation reports, and TSB communications and investigative assessments.

TSB File R12V0062: 30 March 2012 – Collision with object and derailment, Canadian Pacific Railway Work Train, Mile 126.80, Nelson Subdivision, Atbara, British-Columbia

All disclosed 2

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