Completed access to information requests for July 2012

Request number Summary of the request Disposition Number of pages released

Any and all information, excluding manuals and catalogues, relating to the June 16, 2010 incident involving an Embraer 145 jet, operating as United Express Flight 8050, from Washington Dulles International Airport to Ottawa International Airport.

TSB File A10H0004
Disclosed in part 108

Any and all information relating to the December 24, 2004 incident involving a Beech King Air BE-A100, from Puvirnituq, Quebec to Kuujjuaq Airport, Quebec.

TSB File A04Q0199
Disclosed in part 37

Copy of any document, including statistical and other data, such as reports showing the number of incidents involving only commercial passenger aircrafts that have forced the pilots to land their planes for the following reasons:

 - threatening person
- engine failure
- mechanical breakdown
- bomb threat or other threat
- unknown noise
- fire
- Blinding red light
- sick person
- prohibited person on board the aircraft

- at the request of U.S. authorities (when going to the United States).
All disclosed
1 456

Electronic copies of all reports submitted to the TSB under TSB regulations Section 4(2) that refer to all reportable rail accidents in Canada between January 1, 2008 and the present (March 15, 2012).

These reports should include the train number and direction, the names of the railway company and the track operator, the date and time of accident, the location of the accident, the number of crew members, passengers and any other persons that were killed or sustained serious injury. A description of the accident and the extent of any resulting damage, and a summary description of any dangerous goods contained in or released from the rolling stock.

Should this information be contained in a central database, preferably provide an exported version of that database, for example in .csv, .xml or Microsoft Access format, rather than the individual reports.
Disclosed in part
4 521

Copy of investigation file A10H0004, including but not limited to, a copy of all investigator’s notes, memo, resource material, statements, engineering reports, final report, photographs, working papers and supporting documentation.

TSB File A10H0004: 16 June 2010 – Runway overrun,  Embraer 145, N847HK, operated by Trans States Airlines as United Express Flight 8050 from Washington Dulles International Airport to the Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport, Ontario
Disclosed in part 108


A copy of any Engineering report prepared by the TSB pertaining to A11C0047.

TSB File A11C0047: 1 April 2011 – Loss of engine power and crash, CASA C212-CC40 C-FDKM, operated by Fugro Aviation Canada, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
All exempted


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